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Friday, March 28, 2014

facebook page

for those that are intrested in freebies and blogs this is a page to promote a new page that i have created that promotes my blog, youtube channel and will be posting any freebies i find along with give aways i do in the future


viva vantage paper towels

Recently I have recieved four rolls of Viva Vantage paper towels as a freebie sample to try, share and report back to them about it.
In my oppinion Viva Vantange paper towels are very good and very much worth the price of them. i have looked up online what they cost, and for a package of 6 rolls at walmart they cost about $6.97. These paper towels have about 88 sheets on a roll and each sheet is a thick enough sheet to clean up messes using one sheet. Also I find that this is a durable paper towel and does not rip easily when cleaning up messes or tugging on it. And last but not least  upon ripping these off the roll i find that they rip off right along the dotted lines and dont become ripped like alot of other paper towels do.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

natures bounty gummies

when i got these gummies and open them up they had a very strong strawberry smell today. Im gonna be very honest with u, i was very nervous bout trying these, because i am commited to try them for 30 days and im a very picky person when it comes to taste, if something doesnt taste good i will not continue with it no matter what. so i very slowly put the two gummies that are required a day into my mouth and was very shocked upon chewing them, they were actually very tastey indeed. In fact they are so tastey that i actually look forward to taking them every morning when i take my morning meds. so i give these 10 smiles for my rank.

i am continuing on with them, i started taking them the begining of this week, i am commited to continuing with them till the bottle is gone which the bottle they sent me has 40 days worth, so at the end of the 40 days i will give u guys and update with what i thought of the results of if i notice anything different bout my skin, hair, and nails.

Friday, March 21, 2014

reviver deoderant for clothes review

upon opening this package to try it out, a really strong citrus smell hit my nosterail. i have to say when i smelled it i thought for sure it was gonna be one of those types of things that just masks the smells with a strong sense. but after swiping my night shirt all over with it all smells on it were gone and there was no strong smell left behind or anything.

i have to say this though, this is deffinatly a product that u got way the option of reather or not your willing to pay the price for it. 
im the type of person that can not afford pricey items, unless i absolutely have to i will not pay an expensive price for something no matter what it can do unless it something that is either really worth the price or you absolutely need it.
upon looking this item up the prices are as follows
6 pack 17.99 + 1.99sh                    12pk 32.99 + free sh              24pk 59.99 + free sh
for myself living on a tight income these prices are not worth it, but for someone who isnt living on an income so tight it might be worth it considering the pads are reusable

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

national craft giveaway

if you love to do crafting here is a great giveaway that might intrest u. you have til march 31st to enter so hurry over and fill out the entry


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

free gift cards

ATTENTION FRIENDS i have litterly found a site that is the easiet site ever to get points to earn free gift cards, I have only been using the site for a couple hours total today and i have already racked up almost 500 points. they have tons of gift cards and the one gift card i go for most is an amazon gift card and for a 50 dollar one of those is only 15000 points, so just think if i work at this site every day a few hours a day i can get one in just a few weeks..... anyways if anyone would be intrested in joining the site and getting ur own gift cards easy to get whatever u want just comment bellow with ur email adress and i will send u the link to the site. the site is amazon u dont want to miss out on it

this is totally safe and legit, i wouldnt lie to u

Monday, March 3, 2014

first house party

so sorry i thought i posted this up when i made the video, anyways i was selected to throw a party rom houseparty.com and this is what came in my package for my party